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What's the Rico area have to offer hunters?

Article contributed by Brigitte Wilson.

There is really not much here except outrageously beautiful mountains (with lots of elk!) rising in every direction right from the edges of town. With only 200 or so easygoing residents, we have a Conoco / Country Store with basic hunting supplies & licenses, convenience food, groceries, beer and ice. There are two reasonably priced hotels (not very many rooms are available so make reservations early), 2 restaurants & bars (but breakfast starts too late for us hunters so plan accordingly), 1 liquor store, 1 gift shop, and 1 antique store. And thatís it. There is not much to distract you from your hunt. However, if you want to take a rest day and see how the other half lives, the affluent resort town of Telluride is only a half hour drive over Lizard Head Pass, but donít tie your bull to the hood or you might get spit at. And you canít play golf in fatigues or Blaze Orange so best bring a change of duds Ö

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Sounds great! Can you give me more info about hunting seasons? >>