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Is the H
iking any good around Rico? Rico Mountains

The stunning wilderness surrounding Rico offers ample opportunities for the hiking enthusiast. Surrounded by 12,000 foot  peaks, Rico is the perfect base for a series of day hikes or backpacking excursions. Ranging from easy to difficult, the Rico region has roads and trails for every ability, whether it's ambling along the historic Rio Grande Southern rail grade alongside the Dolores River, or scaling one of several towering peaks. Wherever you decide to roam, be sure to bring plenty of water, snacks and a change of warm clothes as the weather up here can be a bit unpredictable.

When planning your excursion, check out the official web site for San Juan National Forest,
where you will find  important information on our surrounding forests, as well as valuable links to map and publication resources, current weather and road condition sites, recreational activities in the area, and educational programs offered, just  to name a few.

Another invaluable wealth of information for planning your trip into the San Juans is the San Juan Mountains Association, where you can order travel, hiking and field guides, as well as maps and books pertaining to the
San Juan Mountains. The San Juan Mountain Association web site also offers information on educational and voluntary programs in the San Juan National Forest.

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