Town of Rico
Watershed Planning

The Town is pursuing watershed planning for two reasons.

  1. The Town's long standing plan to secure and protect a river corridor 'green-belt'. This was successfully established in the Fall of 2008. The area affords the Town an opportunity to actively engage in preservation, restoration and enhancement of the Dolores River corridor.
  2. It is a goal of the Town to have restoration and enhancement of the River corridor aid in the Town's effort to identify and improve existing watershed systems that impact the Dolores River and aid in enhancing and securing healthy and safe municipal water sources.

In 2004 the Town applied for funding through the EPA to begin comprehensive watershed planning. The EPA has indicated that they will approve $30,000.00 for watershed planning and $15,000 for wetlands mapping. Also, Colorado Water Conservation Board has provided funding to hire Matrix Design Group to conduct a geomorphic analysis of the river corridor in the Rico area. A geomorphic analysis involves studying the water flow volume, velocity, gradient and constrictions to determine erosion and sedimentation behavior.

In 2005 the Town received a grant to be able to do a comprehensive inventory of wetland and riparian areas within the Town's Urban Growth Boundary.

An initial stakeholders meeting was held in August of 2004. It was comprised of various consultants and interested agencies identified as stakeholders in the the Rico Watershed planning area. Participants included the Forest Service, Dolores Water Conservancy District, neighboring local governments, community organizations and non-profits, as well as local property owners, state and federal agencies.


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